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Why too much time sitting still can be a killer & increase risk of dementia – and 5 other ways it hits your wellbeing

SITTING is the brand new smoking, specialists say, as one other research warns that lengthy intervals of being inactive could lead on you to an early grave.

US researchers final week warned that sitting for ten hours a day, whether or not that’s at work or watching TV, “rapidly” will increase the risk of dementia.


Sitting for too lengthy every day can trigger dementiaCredit: Getty
Having a sedentary lifestyle can cause you many health issues


Having a sedentary life-style can trigger you a lot well being pointsCredit: Shutterstock

Those who had been sedentary for ten hours a day had been eight per cent extra prone to develop dementia than those that sat for 9 hours a day.

And these sitting for 12 hours a day had been 63 per cent extra prone to develop the situation.

Adults of working age common 9.5 hours a day of sedentary time, says the British Heart ­Foundation.

This will increase to 10 hours a day or extra between the ages of 65 and 74, and 11 hours for these over 75.

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The first time a connection was made between sitting and any illness was within the Fifties.

Researchers discovered bus drivers had been twice as prone to have coronary heart assaults as their bus conductor colleagues, who had been climbing 600 steps a day.

Since then, inactivity has been linked to diabetes, coronary heart illness, poor psychological well being and a basic risk of dying younger.

Physiotherapist Nell Mead, a member of the Association Of Chartered Physiotherapists In Occupational Health And Ergonomics, informed Sun Health: “Sitting may be the brand new smoking, however it’s not sitting per se, it’s being still for lengthy intervals.

“Our bodies are designed for movement, but the times when we tend to forget about our bodies — whether we’re working, watching TV or scrolling on our phones — tend to be times when we’re seated.”

So if a higher risk of dementia or coronary heart illness doesn’t scare you, what about your aches and pains?

Back ache causes 12million misplaced working days every year, a main trigger of which is sitting too much.

You are advised to get up and move as often as you can to stay fit and healthy


You are suggested to rise up and transfer as usually as you can to remain match and wholesomeCredit: Getty

Nell says: “It solely takes two hours of static sitting to lose as much as a ­centimetre in spinal top, simply from compression squeezing the fluid out of your discs.

“Sitting for too long is a key factor in lower back pain.”

And sitting round can result in lethal penalties.

It was beforehand thought that hours of sitting had been linked to ­weight problems, a main trigger of well being ­situations.

But it is now obvious the dangers are there regardless of weight.

The NHS says sitting for lengthy intervals is assumed to sluggish the metabolism, which impacts the physique’s skill to control blood sugar and blood strain, and break down fats.

Nell says: “Our our bodies are healthiest after we encourage fluid to movement by means of our veins, lymphatic system, joints, muscle tissue, organs and spinal discs. This retains us wholesome by delivering vitamins and eradicating waste.

“Blood is fluid and that’s pumped by the heart, but other fluids are pumped by the muscles working, for example when we dance, exercise or even just change position.”

Even if you happen to think about your self a fitness center bunny, it’s not all excellent news. The poor well being results from too much sitting are separate from whether or not you might be bodily lively or not, in the identical approach a good food regimen gained’t offset the harms of smoking.

A University of Glasgow research discovered that half-hour of train a day was not sufficient to offset the well being dangers of sitting for hours.


WAYS to cut back your quantity of hours sitting per day embrace standing on the practice, taking the steps, strolling across the workplace while you take a telephone name and going exterior for a stroll on your lunch break.

Nell says: “Pop a kettle on and dance round whereas it boils, as a result of standing is a begin however it’s the large, full-physique actions that make the true distinction — reaching as much as the sky, touching your toes, rolling into a ball. Those varieties of actions are those that get your blood and lymphatic system pumping.

“In an ideal world, everyone who has a sedentary job would have a sit-stand desk.”

A University of Chester research discovered standing for 3 hours a day is the equal of working ten marathons a yr.

Further analysis discovered standing for many of the day burns round 30,000 extra energy a yr than sitting — roughly eight kilos of fats.

Nell says: “I encourage sufferers to take a seat till they begin to slouch, then stand till they begin to slouch, then sit, and repeat.

“That prevents them switching off to their bodies.”

Other ways it hits wellbeing


CURBING lengthy intervals of sitting may reduce your risk of a number of varieties of most cancers, together with lung, womb and bowel cancers, analysis exhibits.

An Australia-led research which took information from 130,000 ladies revealed decrease charges of breast most cancers in those that exercised.

Specifically, there was a 104 per cent decrease risk of triple unfavorable breast most cancers in ladies who sat down much less.


VARIOUS research have discovered extended intervals of sitting are dangerous for the guts.

Aussie researchers discovered that each hour spent sitting watching TV elevated the risk of heart problems loss of life by 18 per cent.

Leicester University mixed the outcomes of 18 research and discovered individuals who had been sedentary for the longest intervals had a risk of coronary heart illness 2.5 instances larger than those that had been sedentary for the least time.

The outcomes stood true even when bearing in mind whether or not a particular person exercised.


THE identical college assessment discovered essentially the most sedentary folks had double the risk of creating kind 2 diabetes.

An earlier research by the identical crew discovered the hyperlink was stronger in ladies.

Researchers theorised that girls may snack extra whereas sitting round, whereas males might have a decrease risk as a result of they merely have a tendency to maneuver round extra after they do rise up and about.


SYMPTOMS of despair, anxiousness and loneliness have been linked with a lack of exercise, which can embrace sitting all day.

Researchers at University College London tracked the exercise of youngsters and discovered that those that had been still for big components of the day had a higher risk of despair on the age of 18.

They discovered the quantity of time spent still will increase with age, from a median of seven hours and ten minutes for 12-yr-olds to eight hours and 43 minutes in 16-yr-olds.

Those with persistently excessive quantities of time spent sedentary between the ages of 12 and 16 had 28.2 per cent larger despair scores by age 18.


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TAKING all the things into consideration, is it any surprise hours of sitting have been repeatedly linked to early loss of life?

For instance, an Australian research that monitored people aged over 45 discovered that those that sat for greater than 11 hours a day had an elevated chance of dying within the subsequent three years, in comparison with those that sat for fewer than 4 hours per day.

Sit-stand desk cured my ache

AT 43, I do know I’m getting older, writes Clare O’Reilly.

My decrease again ache began a couple of years in the past and having a job that includes sitting down felt like an occupational hazard.

I then began to get shoulder rigidity a yr in the past, after hunching over my laptop computer for hours a day.

Switching to a sit-stand desk eight months in the past has modified all the things.

It has eradicated my ache and I really feel more healthy, brighter and I don’t end my working days as drained as I did.

I feel the small fixed motion has really elevated my power ranges.

And it may be a coincidence, however I’ve misplaced 3lbs since I began utilizing it too.

I can’t ever think about going again to sitting down continuously now.

Even once I’m on the couch watching TV, sitting for too lengthy feels bizarre.


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