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Vivek Ramaswamy Slams RACIST Donna Brazile for Intentionally Mispronouncing His Name (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

In a current episode of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher,’ leftist host Bill Maher charged the twice meantime Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Donna Brazile, of bigotry.

The accusation followed Brazile consistently and intentionally mispronounced the name of 2024 GOP governmental prospect Vivek Ramaswamy throughout a section talking about possible failures from the Republican main.

The conversation, which likewise included sellout and RINO Adam Kinzinger, concentrated on forecasts concerning which prospects could take out from the race.

Brazile raised Ramaswamy’s name, mockingly mispronouncing it a number of times and recommending that he ought to “just shut the hell up and go home.” Kinzinger chipped in with a prideful remark concerning Ramaswamy.

Maher remedied Brazile on the enunciation of Ramaswamy’s name. Maher examined Brazile, asking if she would certainly make comparable remarks concerning various other ethnics.

Ramaswamy, an Indian-American, has actually made clear that his given name rhymes with ‘cake’ and is noticable ‘Vi-vake.’ However, Brazile, showing up on Maher’s program, remained to simulated this enunciation, also after being remedied by Maher, causing giggling from the target market.

Ramaswamy himself has actually questioned concerning just how such habits would certainly be viewed if the duties were turned around – if a white Republican had actually made comparable remarks in the direction of a Democrat of shade.

“I wonder what they’d do if a white Republican intentionally mispronounced Donna’s name & then told her to return ‘home,’” Ramaswamy stated.

Tricia McLaughlin, Ramaswamy’s interactions supervisor and elderly advisor, commented to, classifying the case as ‘reverse racism.’ McLaughlin slammed the obvious pretension in the political discussion, recommending that a white Republican would certainly deal with extreme repercussions for comparable activities, whereas Brazile could get awards from her associates.

“If that were a white Republican they would be fired and torn to shreds on cable TV… Donna will probably get an ‘atta boy’ from her colleagues. Gross,” stated McLaughlin.





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