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“Dozens Killed” In New Gaza Refugee Camp Strike, Says Hamas

<!-- -->Rescuers stated "whole families" were eliminated...

Australia launches consultative review of AI

This evaluation has actually...

The 45+ best early Amazon Presidents’ Day tech deals right now

  • Current price: $100 
  • Original price: $150

Right now you can get several of Amazon’s flagship kids tablets for a decent discount, including the HD 7 and HD 8. The 2022 HD 8, designed for children ages 3-7, offers several designs to choose from and provides at least 32GBs of internal storage. 

More: I bought this Amazon kids tablet instead of an iPad and wasn’t sorry

When ZDNET expert Maria Diaz and her children reviewed the device in March 2022, she noted that the HD 8 is a “well-built, entry-level” tablet perfect for her kids’ needs. “When it comes down to it, the $150 Amazon Fire HD 8 is a great, child-friendly tablet for education, games, and entertainment. Its 13-hour battery life means that you’ll need to charge it less often than other competitors, and the combination of a durable case and screen ensures the integrity of the Fire tablet for years to come,” Diaz wrote in her review. 

The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet, designed for kids ages 6-12 is also on sale. 





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