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Federal Agencies Release New Guidelines to Help Providers Fend Off Ransomware

A group of federal agencies recently released an...

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Which day has better deals?

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Report: Parents should be cautious of these toys ahead of holidays

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A brand-new record details the risks of some toys ahead of the vacation purchasing and gifting period.

The 2023 Trouble in Toyland record cautioned especially around wise toys and the “threats that come with some of them,” the 55-page record from U.S. PIRG Education Fund stated.

“Multiple toys from major manufacturers have been discontinued in recent years after research from various groups showed that children’s voices, images, locations and other information was being improperly collected or hacked,” the yearly record stated.

Kian Zozobrado, the interactions supervisor at TexPIRG Education Fund, stated the record concentrates on wise toys since they’re an expanding rate of interest to family members and the wise plaything market is expanding.

Some of the problems consist of personal privacy problems and whether the plaything attaches to cordless net or Bluetooth. This attaches youngsters to outside the home and possibly attaches the youngsters to other individuals, Zozobrado stated. Parents should additionally talk with their youngsters concerning that they connect with and to not share individual details by means of toys.

“Innocuous pictures that kids might be taking of themselves and their friends can sometimes be accessed by individuals that parents do not want to have access to,” Zozobrado stated.

U.S. Congressman Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin, stated it is essential to maintain a close eye on the dimension of what you’re acquiring in addition to the dimension of the youngsters that will certainly have fun with those toys.

“Safety does begin with awareness,” Doggett stated.

Other toys that the record cautioned concerning consisted of water grains, high-powered magnets and remembered toys.

Doggett stated the water grains resemble sweet and are little. If consumed, the grains can expand in the body and result in asphyxiation. He included that the magnets can create damages to interior body organs.





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