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Racism in Santa Barbara? Viral video roils city, spurs protest

A viral minute in between a white female and also Latino guy in Santa Barbara recorded on video struck a nerve over the weekend break as hundreds swamped the roads to protest what lots of regarded a racist experience, representative of the seldom reviewed problem of racism in the majority-white city.

The video, recorded Saturday early morning by building and construction employee Luis Cervantes, reveals Jeanne Umana inside a residence down the road from her house. Cervantes continuously informs Umana that she’s on personal property at a building website.

“Oh, arrest me,” Umana stated, leaving.

“OK, I can call the cops,” he reacted.

“I live here. I’m American, you’re a Tijuanan,” Umana stated.

“Thank you for being racist, thank you,” Cervantes stated, following her off the home.

Umana reversed. “I am very, very much against people who break our laws,” she stated, after that connected and also showed up to put or grab Cervantes’ phone.

In a meeting Monday, Umana asked forgiveness continuously wherefore she called her “inappropriate remarks.” She stated the case started when she saw a building vehicle speeding up down her household road and also parked unlawfully in the center of the roadway. She stated she came close to the home where Cervantes functioned to report the case to a supervisor — not recognizing it was an energetic building and construction website.

“And then when someone put the camera in my face, I think that’s when I lost my judgment. My judgment went very, very badly,” Umana stated. “I am truly sorry that this got out of hand, and I regret making statements like that, because I said them in the heat of the moment. They were not measured, and whatever I might feel, I don’t have the right to take it out on anybody else. But unfortunately, I lost control.”

Cervantes did not react to numerous ask for remark.

The case, recorded in a 30-second video, spread rapidly on social media sites, attracting individuals of every ages to Umana’s midtown Santa Barbara household area Sunday evening. On one pathway, twin kids rested in a red wagon having fun with a phone as grown-up relative viewed the marchers shout, “Arrest Jeanne!” Teenagers climbed onto pickup and also yard steps for far better viewpoint. Occasionally, cars and trucks would certainly quit at the active crossway and also rotate their wheels, developing a cloud of exhaust and also a sticking around fragrance of melted rubber. Whole family members collected to see the phenomenon.

Activist Edin Alex Enamorado, that arranged the protest, talks with Santa Barbara City Councilmember Oscar Gutierrez on the actions of the midtown police headquarters.

(Faith E. Pinho)

A couple of hundred individuals gathered in front of Umana’s house with incantations of “Jeanne Umana, move out!” The team after that marched down Garden Street towards the midtown police headquarters, where someone fired up a firework in the road. No uniformed policemans existed outside the terminal.

Santa Barbara Police Department representative Sgt. Ethan Ragsdale validated Monday that cops were considering the case videotaped in the “disturbing video” yet wouldn’t discuss a continuous examination.

“The Police Department does not condone her behavior,” Ragsdale stated in the declaration. “The video posted on social media understandably stirred emotions and reactions within our community. The Santa Barbara Police Department monitored the gathering and supports the right for all individuals to peacefully assemble in order to voice their concerns.”

Ragsdale additionally stated Umana had no association with the cops division. In the initial video, she is videotaped stating to Cervantes, “I work for the police.” Umana stated Monday she indicated to claim she functioned “with the police,” due to her initiatives with neighborhood police to suppress prohibited pathway vending.

The march was led by Inland Empire-based protestor Edin Alex Enamorado, that is understood for his campaigning for of pathway suppliers and also his often viral video clips of racist events. He saw the video over the weekend break and also prompted his Instagram target market of 256,000 fans to join him and also various other neighborhood lobbyists to protest.

Standing on the Santa Barbara Police Department actions Sunday evening next to a male holding a Mexican flag, Enamorado spoke with Santa Barbara Councilmember Oscar Gutierrez concerning the viral video and also the therapy of taco stand proprietors in Santa Barbara. Following an increase of pop-ups this summertime, Santa Barbara has actually been punishing pathway suppliers that run without authorizations, according to the Santa Barbara Independent.

“When the grocery stores sell something that’s expired, they don’t shut them down,” Enamorado stated, evoking a joy from the a number of lots individuals collected in the road.

“We’re just trying to make sure that the businesses operated in our community are being operated safely and regulated,” Gutierrez stated. “That’s it.”

Earlier Sunday evening, Enamorado challenged Umana outside the police headquarters, where she stated she had actually mosted likely to submit a record for many fatality dangers and also pestering call.

Activist Edin Alex Enamorado stands at an empty Santa Barbara intersection

Edin Alex Enamorado stands at the Santa Barbara crossway where hundreds collected Sunday evening.

(Faith E. Pinho / Los Angeles Times)

“You sounded like a racist … and you assaulted him,” Enamorado stated to her, according to a video he published on Instagram on Monday. “Let me educate you since you’re a professor — this is our land. Your ancestors came from Europe, so how about you go back to Europe?”

“I’m ashamed that I don’t deal with this situation better,” Umana stated later on in the video. “But at my age, you get frustrated and you get really worn down by what’s going on around you that you can’t affect. When people deliberately break the rules, it frustrates me, particularly when a child is at stake. A child or an elderly person could be walking across that street. And if someone is barreling down the street at 45 mph in a 25-mile zone, that’s dangerous.”

“But why involve racism?” Enamorado reacted. “Why say that he’s not from this country? You say you’re American, you think you’re more American than him? He is from this continent, he is Indigenous to this continent.”

Umana, a previous speaker at UC Santa Barbara, stated Monday early morning that she praised Enamorado for his advocacy, also as she stated she desired the tumult of the weekend break to pass.

“He was advocating for people that were important to him,” she stated. “I applaud that, because as a professor, I even taught my students how to demonstrate. … I want to enable people and empower people to feel that they have the right to protest. But this has become ugly and vile and hateful.”

Luis Sanchez, 21, a long-lasting Santa Barbara citizen, stated he got on his method to the health club Sunday when he saw the hubbub and also signed up with the group outside the police headquarters.

“Santa Barbara, I’ve come across a lot of racist s— that’s happened. I’ve had some pretty messed up s— happen to me,” Sanchez stated. “Once in a blue moon, [I] get called some racial slurs.”

“It’s not really straight up, it could be like a feeling that you get,” stated his good friend Brian Geronimo, 23, that additionally matured in Santa Barbara and now lives in Long Beach. “They could be eyeing you, you know?”

David and also Rosy Gonzalez, a couple birthed and also elevated in Santa Barbara, brought their infant kid to the celebration in front of the police headquarters, a brief stroll from their residence. They stated they had actually never ever experienced such a huge presentation in their home town.

“It feels empowering,” stated David Gonzalez, 34. “I think it’s important that we speak, we hold people accountable. Ten years ago, this might have been different.”

He stated tales of cops wrongly recognizing him as a criminal suspect and also pinning him to the ground, and also an additional case when he was drawn over in his very own driveway due to the fact that he was driving a car signed up to a various relative.

“I’ve had people, like, ‘Go back to your country,’ or just like smart remarks,” Gonzalez stated. “And it’s like, well, I’m actually Native American Chumash Indian. So I’m indigenous to Santa Barbara.”

In Santa Barbara — which the U.S. Census records is nearly 71% white and also 36% Latino — racism commonly obtains “swept under the rug,” Gonzalez stated. His spouse stated she valued that Sunday evening’s protest was bringing recognition to experiences like what Cervantes recorded in the video.

“If the roles were reversed, you know, would [Cervantes] have been already in trouble? It would have been different if it was the other way around,” stated Rosy Gonzalez, 35. “Because she was the one [assaulting], nothing’s been done. Hopefully something comes out of this and she does get held accountable for her actions, because that shouldn’t be tolerated.”


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