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Union organizer Brandon Johnson wins Chicago mayor race

Brandon Johnson, a union organizer and former instructor,...

Pelosi Responds To Trump’s Latest Attack With ‘Sickness’ Slam

“The former occupant of the White House has always been about projecting. He knows he’s responsible for that, so he projects it onto others,” Pelosi informed MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart on Sunday.

“Shame on him, however, he always projects,” she included.

Pelosi additionally obliterated Trump’s case that she refused bear up the day of the physical violence, claiming she continuously “begged” him to send out in soldiers.

“These Trumpites were attacking the Capitol, fighting the police, threatening my life and the life of the vice president,” she remembered.

“There is a sickness here, and there has to be an intervention,” Pelosi included. “That intervention has to be the election, which we have to win, and that’s one of the reasons why I am running again, to fight for our democracy, which is at stake if he is on the ballot.”




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Five quick hits — Reece Walsh guides Broncos to NRL grand final, forward pass aside, in victory over Warriors

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