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Paris becomes one of the only European cities to ban e-scooter rentals

E-scooters and also an e-bike are parked in an assigned garage.

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Paris will certainly today come to be one of the only cities in Europe with a straight-out ban on leased e-scooters — as drivers prepare to increase their e-bike fleets to change them in advance of the 2024 Olympics.

Despite formerly revealing wish for a final respite, the 3 companies with e-scooter running licenses in the French resources, Lime, Dott and also Tier, all validated to CNBC that they will certainly have eliminated their mobility scooters, or trottinettes, by the Sept. 1 due date.

They had a mixed fleet of about 15,000 e-scooters in the city.

A vote kept in April offered Parisians 2 selections relating to the rental mobility scooters: for or versus.

Companies mentioned that the turnover stood for simply 7% of those qualified to ballot. They additionally said the city would certainly befall of action with various other city centers welcoming an environment-friendly setting of transportation that is prominent with travelers in one of the most-visited cities in the globe. They explain there will certainly be no modification to personal e-scooter use policies.

But the result was emphatic amongst those that did ballot, with 90% versus the trottinettes.

It comes as cities around the globe argument whether such automobiles, which are opened through an application and also spent for by the min, are an unsafe public hassle or component of the future of city movement.

Shared mobility scooters are still existing in various other French cities, consisting of Marseille and also Lyon.

Many cities have actually presented limitations on mobility scooters, such as rate limitations and also auto parking areas applied through penalties for customers. Some enable them to be ridden on sidewalks and also in bike lanes, others do not. However, straight-out restrictions by cities that have actually formerly invited them are unusual.

In Europe, Madrid this year turned around a previous ban to enable rental companies back with brand-new problems, as Copenhagen additionally performed in 2021. Most e-scooters are prohibited on public roadways in the bike-loving Netherlands, and also no ride-sharing firms have actually gone into the market.

Tourist hotspots New Orleans and also Las Vegas both have ride-share e-scooter restrictions, however they stay in 158 various other U.S. cities.

E-bike growth

Lime, Dott and also Tier all stated they would certainly currently move their emphasis to expanding their stipulation of e-bikes in Paris after relocating their mobility scooters in other places.

“While Lime e-scooters will depart Paris by the end of August for other cities in Europe, Parisian riders are already pivoting to our expanding fleet of e-bikes,” a Lime agent informed CNBC.

“We now operate twice the number of e-bikes than we ever did e-scooters, and are encouraged by the city’s continued support for cycling ahead of the 2024 Olympics.”

Lime’s Paris mobility scooter fleet amounted to around 5,000, versus around 10,000 bikes. The business stated trips tackled its bikes boosted by 73% in the resources in 2014.

Dott stated it was sending its mobility scooters to locations where it has actually authorized brand-new tenders, consisting of Bordeaux and also throughout Belgium. A speaker stated the business was boosting its e-bike fleet, which it really hopes to increase right into the Paris suburban areas in advance of the Olympics, which schedule to start in July following year.

E-bikes are not uncontroversial themselves. Critics claim that they mess sidewalks and also roadways when not saved effectively; are often made use of on sidewalks regardless of their substantial rate capacities; and also are additionally commonly made use of by travelers or travelers without safety helmets.

Valère Rousseau, a Parisian operating in the heritage market, stated he believed the public was much more approving of e-bikes as a useful setting of traveling.

“E-scooters are different. They are very appreciated by young people but disliked by Parisians because parking is still an issue and it remains dangerous — no helmet, sometimes on the pavement,” he informed CNBC.

Reducing vehicle blockage and also production the city completely bike-accessible have actually been some of Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s vital concerns.

In 2022, she revealed strategies to ban most vehicles from numerous main locations, with roadway gain access to only for pedestrians, bikes, public transportation and also specific allowed vehicles.

That complies with the pedestrianization of locations consisting of big areas of the financial institutions of the River Seine, while bikes have actually been offered concern and also most vehicles prohibited along the main industrial Rue de Rivoli.


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