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National Border Patrol Council Thanks Trump for Serving Thanksgiving Dinner to Agents, Says He Shook Every Person’s Hand That Came Through the Line (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Brandon Judd of the National Border Patrol Council said thanks to President Trump previously on Sunday for taking the time to offer Thanksgiving dinner to his fellow agents.

“I’ve seen a lot of selflessness. I saw somebody who was willing to shake every single person’s hand that came through the line. I’ve never seen that before.” Judd stated.

“He was willing to take a picture with every single person, even though his only staff was telling him not to. He was willing to do that.” Judd proceeded.

“He truly cares about this country. He truly cares about the men and women in law enforcement in the military and he’s shown that every single day.” Judd stated.

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the next president of the United States President Donald Trump.” Judd proceeded.


President Trump is a guy that really appreciates America. It appears in his desire to offer others a Thanksgiving dish in gratitude for their effort.

President Trump offers Thanksgiving dinner to border patrol agents in 2023.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier today that President Trump was serving Thanksgiving dinner to Border Patrol agents.

As reported earlier – President Trump returns to Texas today to offer Thanksgiving dishes to National Guard soldiers and police policemans based on the southerly border.





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