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Muskegon Voter Fraud: Video Interrogation of GBI Strategies Official Released, Verifies Prior Gateway Pundit Reporting and Indicts Michigan AG Dana Nessel | The Gateway Pundit

In August, the Gateway Pundit solely reported on police reviews that emerged from the City of Muskegon Michigan and from the Michigan State Police that documented 10,000-12,000 suspicious voter registration functions became City of Muskegon Clerk Ann Meisch.

These reviews, and the very fact they’re ongoing, present that there was widespread, systemic, ongoing voter registration fraud in a significant battleground state within the 2020 elections, and that main Democrats in Law Enforcement knew it. GBI Strategies was an enormous half of the Biden machine.

Yet far-left zealots like Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel have repeatedly lied and mentioned there was no voter fraud within the 2020 elections, and that the 2020 elections have been the most secure and most safe in American historical past.

The City of Muskegon stonewalled the Gateway Pundit from releasing public paperwork that will additional reveal the extent of the dishonest within the lead-up to the 2020 election. Michigan regulation enforcement stored mendacity to the Gateway Pundit and blaming the FBI for inaction.

But now, one enterprising citizen researcher from New Jersey, Yehuda Miller, has uncovered by the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, video that authorities beforehand suppressed from the Gateway Pundit the place Michigan regulation enforcement officers are questioning an worker of GBI Strategies.

His discoveries additionally present that Dana Nessel, the Michigan State Police, and the Muskegon Police have been mendacity this whole time to the general public and media that the investigation is ‘ongoing’ – because it was closed within the Spring of 2021 with no arrests.

Miller is a researcher and native businessman who was motivated to get extra concerned after the 2020 election. Miller has been sending out FOIA’s to doc voter fraud, and particularly to higher doc tales revealed by the Gateway Pundit.

Miller additionally posted the full 1:40 video from the GBI Interview right here.

Miller solely informed the Gateway Pundit that he has been slowly independently documenting the 2020 voter fraud throughout the nation, and slowly saves up sufficient cash to finance the following batch of paperwork requested. Miller mentioned these video interrogation information got here from a request to the Michigan Attorney General’s workplace, the identical one that’s lawlessly prosecuting 16 Trump electors from 2020 as a result of they dared to consider and say that they thought there was doubtless systemic voter fraud in Michigan within the 2020 election.

Miller’s FOIA returns additionally explosively reveal that far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is a continual liar.

far left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

Nessel personally knew in regards to the voter fraud in Muskegon in October of 2020, as a result of the privilege log exhibits that she personally authored a related e-mail on the subject that was excluded from manufacturing within the FOIA response. A privilege log is a list of information {that a} authorized entity refuses to show over as a result of they may include a related authorized privilege. Here, sufficient proof is captured by the privilege log to point out that Dana Nessel has been chronically mendacity in regards to the Muskegon voter fraud case.

Nessel lied in regards to the Muskegon Voter Fraud case nonetheless being ‘open’ and ‘referred to the FBI’ as she acknowledged this summer season.

The paperwork reveal that the case was closed within the Spring of 2021. On March 30, 2021 there was a “memo to close Muskegon voter fraud case” and on May 7, 2021, one other “Muskegon voter fraud memo to close”

Nessel doubtlessly lied about this in an effort to stop paperwork from this case from being disclosed to the general public.

The Washington Post’s Sarah Ellison was lately calling a number of sources from TGP’s reporting on the Muskegon Voter Fraud case, most likely to challenge one other pretend ‘fact check’ to suppress true reporting through the very fact examine industrial complicated. This array of left-leaning teams is the place reality examine retailers associate with the Newsguard group which aggregates reality examine scores, which then allows far-left stress teams to make use of the Newsguard ‘scores’ for media retailers to stress advertisers in opposition to supporting conservative and different media. In this manner, this left-wing stress system successfully suppresses truthful tales that problem dominant narratives most aggressively.

This highly effective FOIA launch exhibits the extent to which compliant mainstream media shamefully cooperates with authorities officers.

The attorneys in Nessel’s workplace informed inquiring reporters the ‘investigation went nowhere’ although the police report was very clear that extra investigation was wanted to make that willpower.

There has at all times been substantial proof of large fraud in Michigan’s absentee ballots from 2020. And there isn’t any method that the large inflow of voter registrations, statewide, on October ninth is regular or pure.

The emails even have a comical aspect. Pathetic fawning pretend reporters like Craig Mauger of the Detroit News politely ask and genuflect for the federal government officers as as to whether the Gateway Pundit reporting is correct.

The press flaks from Nessel’s workplace, on this case Danny Wimmer, not solely misstates the title of GBI Strategies as “GBI Solutions” but additionally misstates the quantity of fraudulent voter registration functions submitted as 8,000-10,000, when there have been two drop-offs of suspicious functions within the police report, one of 2,500 and one other one for 8,000-10,000, making the overall 10,000-12,500.

Michigan blogger Craig Mugger

But of course the pretend information reporters like Mauger by no means query or criticize the clearly mendacity authorities officers.

Fake Journalist Mauger did zero reporting on the Muskegon voter fraud, he simply barfed again what he was spoonfed by the Attorney General’s workplace.

The Michigan Bureau of Elections didn’t discover any fraudulent voter registrations created as a result of it too didn’t trouble wanting.

Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meisch informed the Gateway Pundit she couldn’t speak as a result of of the continued investigation, one thing these information now present as an outright lie. Meisch herself was caught in a Facebook group of Clerks bragging about creating false registrations along with her buddies at GBI Strategies, with whom she mentioned she was on a first-name-basis with.

Meisch stopped the creation of GBI Strategies’ registrations, however then once more they have been so clearly false with comparable handwriting and pretend names that it might be arduous to later justify:

Meisch knew that GBI Strategies was being run out of a resort, however felt that was a traditional handle to obtain a whole lot of voter registration functions from.

No one was prosecuted for this huge voter fraud operation. No one investigated whether or not GBI Strategies used the identical techniques in different elements of Michigan as they did in Muskegon.

The Muskegon Police appeared into their little sliver of the case, and the Michigan State Police did a cursory look into the case, and each businesses filed their police reviews and the remainder was formally buried.





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