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Safe, Regular & Orderly Migration for Inclusion and Sustainability — Global Issues

Migration is greatly an outcome of differencesDevelopment...

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Lula Meets First Brazilian Chair of IPS — Global Issues

President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (left), alongside Carlos Tibúrcio and Fernando Morais, Chair of the IPS Board of Directors (proper). Credit: Planalto.
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  • Inter Press Service

IPS was established in 1964, in Rome, coinciding with the emergence of the G77 and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

When greeting Morais, President Lula recalled that Brazil, throughout his first time period in workplace, was the primary nation within the world south to be half of the IPS core group of supporter nations.

“I am very happy to see my friend and biographer at the head of an international news agency of this relevance. The challenges are certainly enormous, but Fernando and his team will not lack political and professional capacity to overcome them.” At that point, the individual representing Brazil on the company’s worldwide board was journalist Carlos Tiburcio, former coordinator of President Lula’s Speech Team, who participated within the listening to as a board member of IPS Latin America and Special Advisor to Fernando Morais within the Agency’s Presidency.

The new chair of IPS was born in Mariana, state of Minas Gerais, labored in the primary press organizations in Brazil, obtained the Esso award 3 times, and the Abril award for journalism 4 instances, and in 2001, the Jabuti award for the e-book Deaf hearts. He was a state consultant and secretary of Culture and Education of the State of San Pablo. With books printed in 38 nations, Morais is the creator, amongst others, of “The Island”, “One Hundred Kilos of Gold”, “Olga”, “The Last Soldiers of the Cold War”, “Chatô” and “Lula, quantity 1.”

Morais sees this as a new era for IPS, which was built to increasingly democratize information at an international level and give a voice to those who have no voice.

– I am committed to maintaining the mission and integrity of the Agency’s values, its multicultural character and its diversity, revitalizing its role in a world in marked transformation, in which the BRICS are expanding, the Global South is emerging and the fight against inequalities are worsening at all levels, he says.

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