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'Like liquid gold:' Central Texans turning to rainwater collection amid drought

HAYS AREA, Texas (KXAN) — Even though there hasn’t been a constant quantity of rainfall in Central Texas for the last couple of months, one regional company claimed lots of people are turning to them for rainwater collection containers.

It remains in such high need, one farmer gets on a months-long delay checklist to obtain one.

‘It’s like liquid gold’

While Central Texas is beginning to see rainfall occasionally, it hasn’t sufficed to obtain Kathleen Mooney’s well up as well as running once more.

“My well went dry earlier this spring and I’m a farmer,” Mooney claimed. “So I need water for my crops.”

Mooney is the proprietor of EIEIO Farm in Wimberley. She claimed she is currently turning to rainwater harvesting.

She’s on a 3 to 4 month waiting list to obtain a container mounted.

“I have friends out here that have rainwater collection systems. None of them have gone dry during this entire drought,” Mooney claimed. “They marveled at how their skin feels silky soft after showering with the rainwater, that their hair is just exquisite. They have to use less moisturizer on their skin.”

Mooney claimed she’s presently attempting to obtain a system established for her area, however the strategy is to at some point obtain it for her entire residence.

“It’s like liquid gold,” Mooney claimed.

Until her container is developed, Mooney is obtaining innovative by gathering water that goes down from her a/c system.

Mooney claimed the container for her a/c system water loads concerning every 45 mins approximately. (KXAN Photos/Sarah Al-Shaikh)

“This water I give to the chickens,” Mooney claimed. “I water all my landscaping and my indoor plants.”

She likewise intends on gathering rainwater from her hen cage in 2 50 gallon barrels too. Mooney claimed she’s counting down the days up until the following huge rainstorm.

  • Kathleen Mooney standing with two 50 gallon barrels
  • two 50 gallon barrels

“I can’t wait for it to rain again,” she claimed. “If it’s wet all September, I’m just gonna be on a dance-a-thon dancing the whole month.”

‘Calls are can be found in’

Mooney isn’t the just one turning to rainwater collection.

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER as well as Founder of CQure Water, Ron Van Sickle, claimed company is “pouring in” backwards and forwards I-35.

“Maybe their well isn’t completely dried up, but they are looking for alternatives,” he claimed. “In many cases, we’re setting up people so that they have three sources of water. They can track in city water, they can collect the rainwater, and they can store water from their well.”

Van Sickle claimed while an inch of rainfall will not make much of a distinction to an aquifer, it will certainly in a rainwater container.

“One inch of water added to it immediately,” Van Sickle claimed. “So it’s like an instantly recharging aquifer.”

He claimed company is up greater than 20% contrasted to in 2015 which it would certainly’ve expanded much more if it weren’t for elements restricting them like the warmth.

“We can’t work quite as many hours as normal,” he claimed.

That’s among the factors Mooney claimed she gets on a waiting list. But, she claimed she holds your horses with this procedure as well as desires to remind others to prolong their thankfulness to those that operate in the warmth.

“Bringing the glass of ice water with extra ice in it,” Mooney claimed. “Or slide them a tea or soda or just give him a smile, because it’s hard on everybody.”

Price as well as dimension of a container

Van Sickle claimed an ordinary 30,000 gallon container can provide water to a solitary family members residence with 2 or 3 individuals for concerning 10 months.

“Our average rainwater tank this year is 30,000 but the trend is for bigger ones,” he claimed. “We are putting in a lot of 50,000 gallon tanks now.”

Van Sickle claimed the expense of a container with website prep work for a 30,000 gallon container is around $22,000.

He claimed the full system will certainly set you back anywhere from the reduced $30,000s to $45,000 relying on what various other job is required to established it up like puncturing rock as well as substantial collection piping.




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