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I went to the worst reviewed make-up artist and it was a total fail – I look like an utter clown

A WOMAN has revealed that she went to the worst reviewed make-up artist and as anticipated, it was a total fail.

Beauty fan Julia Guesmia defined that she let the beautician do her make-up, which was utilized with a paintbrush.


A magnificence fan has revealed that she went to the worst reviewed make-up artist and was left surprised when she left the salonCredit: Tiktok / @juliaguesmia
Not only was Julia Guesmia's foundation applied with a paintbrush, but the artist struggled to get the glitter to stick to her eyelids


Not solely was Julia Guesmia’s basis utilized with a paintbrush, however the artist struggled to get the glitter to stick to her eyelidsCredit: Tiktok / @juliaguesmia
She then used eyeliner to complete the blue eyeshadow look


She then used eyeliner to full the blue eyeshadow lookCredit: Tiktok / @juliaguesmia

Not solely did the make-up artist fail to get the glitter eyeshadow to stick to Julia’s eyelids, however she additionally overlined her lips, getting lipstick throughout her face.

Julia, who’s “in love with reviewing the worst rated make-up and beauty salons”, took to social media to exhibit the magnificence fail, leaving many completely surprised. 

She defined that the worst reviewed make-up artist made her look like a clown, as she stated: “Makes me look like a clown, I can’t lie, the glitter would not have helped either.”

At the begin of the clip, we noticed Julia sitting in the make-up artist’s chair.

She began off by making use of basis to Julia’s pores and skin, which she utilized with a brush that regarded like a paintbrush, and then used a magnificence blender to mix it in.

Following this, the make-up artist then received began on Julia’s eyeshadow, to which the magnificence fan defined: “So this is where the eye drama begins.” 

After the beautician utilized some white eyeshadow, Julia continued: “She grabs the glitter palette and instantly sees that it’s not sticking.

“So then she grabs another glitter palette and this starts to feel like she’s scraping my eyes with sand.”

Seconds later, the make-up artist claimed: “I can’t lie it’s not working, it’s not sticking on.”

When Julia questioned why, she merely replied: “I don’t know. The glitter is not sticking on the eye.” 

Clearly annoyed, she continued: “The glitters are not working.”

Julia tried to reassure the artist that it was tremendous with out the glitter, to which she requested: “What do you want me to do then?”

Julia then defined: “We can leave it like this.” 

The make-up artist then proceeded to end off the remainder of Julia’s face, as she added white eyeliner to the high of the eyeshadow and completed the look with some vibrant pink lipstick.

However, Julia zoomed in to give viewers a nearer look at the lipstick, to which the beautician then defined: “S**t I got it on the sides.” 

To cowl up the messy lip mistake, the beautician went in with a brush and some concealer, in an try to neaten up Julia’s pout. 

She additionally then used the brush to cowl up some mascara she had spilt beneath Julia’s eye, as she admitted: “You’ve got mascara underneath.”

Once the make-up was completed, Julia regarded in the mirror, holding again laughter, as she tried to reassure the make-up artist: “It looks really, really nice. Thank you so much.” 

Shortly after, when Julia arrived residence, she mirrored on the nightmare expertise.

She defined: “First of all, she was like ‘the glitter isn’t working’. I was like, ‘how is the glitter not working?’

Julia then admitted: “The eyeshadow is really horrific. It looks unfinished.”

Pointing to her overlined, messy lips, she confirmed: “That [lipstick on her face] is not my lip by the way. She overdrew my lips.” 

The TikTookay clip, which was posted beneath the username @juliaguesmia, has clearly left many surprised, as it has shortly amassed 179,900 views. 

Social media customers have been open-mouthed at the magnificence blunder and many took to the feedback to share their ideas.

One individual stated: “Dirty sponge, paint brush – you are brave.”

Another added: “How do you keep a straight face!?”

A 3rd commented: “I would cry.”

Whilst another person wrote: “Cheap a** glitter that’s why it won’t stick.”

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Julia's lips were then overlined


Julia’s lips have been then overlinedCredit: Tiktok / @juliaguesmia
She admitted that she felt like a clown


She admitted that she felt like a clownCredit: Tiktok / @juliaguesmia
Social media users were stunned at the fail


Social media customers have been surprised at the failCredit: Tiktok / @juliaguesmia





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