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How Ubuntu Linux snuck into high-end Dell laptops (and why it’s called ‘Project Sputnik’)


RALEIGH, NC — Today, the Dell XPS-13 with Ubuntu Linux is conveniently one of the most widely known Linux laptop computer. Many individuals, particularly designers — consisting of Linus Torvalds — like it. As Torvalds just recently stated, “Normally, I wouldn’t name names, but I’m making an exception for the XPS 13 just because I liked it so much that I also ended up buying one for my daughter when she went off to college.” 

So, how did Dell — best recognized for good-quality, mass-produced Computers — wind up constructing state-of-the-art Ubuntu Linux laptops? Well, Barton George, Dell Technologies’ Developer Community supervisor, shared the “Project Sputnik”  tale today in a discussion at the prominent Linux and open-source neighborhood program, All Things Open.

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First, nevertheless, you ought to understand that Dell has actually sustained Linux desktop computers and laptops given that the center 2000s. In 2006, Michael Dell informed me that Dell would certainly be the initial significant computer supplier to launch and sustain desktop computer Linux — and this confirmed to be a success. 

George described that Dell had actually constantly done wonderful quantity with these computer systems. Not quantity, like the Windows equipments, naturally, however sufficient that Dell has actually constantly provided Linux-based — mainly Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) powered —  workstations.  

Still, none of these equipments actually interested designers. George described:

 “Back in 2011, a group of us were trying to figure out how Dell could become more relevant to developers. Dell wasn’t a big thing in developers’ minds, and we decided it would be a good idea to get developers to change their minds and to think of Dell as a company they wanted to work with.” 

This concept had actually been stimulated by a discussion in between Dell and Stephen O’Grady, founder of the developer-centric expert company RedMonk. Barton remembered O’Grady recommending it would certainly be wonderful for designers “if you took one of your laptops, put Ubuntu on it, and just got it to work. We said that’s an awesome idea, but it’ll never happen, because we’re talking about Dell. Our laptops need to deliver huge volumes and revenue. When I talked to one of our higher-ups about the volumes that we thought we would sell, he said, ‘Yeah, that’s what we sell in Belgium on Tuesday, between three and four in the afternoon.'” 

Despite this frustrating examination, when Dell began an internal advancement fund, Barton pitched it once again. This time, he was approved $40,000 to seek the concept. “This was enough to get going,” George remembered. “So, first thing, we put together an official team. But none of us were full-time on this. We got approval from their managers to work on this officially, but it was sort of in our spare time.” At times, George stated, “The project staff was two people and a dog.”

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George come close to Google and Amazon: “‘Here’s what we’re trying to do,’ he related his pitch. ‘Does this look like something you’d be interested in?’ And so while they didn’t place an order there for 10,000 units, they didn’t laugh me out of the room, either.” It sufficed to confirm there was a company situation for a developer-focused Ubuntu Linux laptop computer.  

During that exact same duration, George revealed on his individual blog site what Dell was preparing, and his website traffic went from 60 sights a day to 15,000. Then, as currently, there’s a great deal of passion in laptops that include Linux prepared to go. 

After all that, the group intended to guarantee they did it right. This would not simply be a situation of disposing a distro on an equipment and wishing for the very best. You can do that today and have an exceptional opportunity of whatever functioning flawlessly. In 2013? Not a lot. 

George included, “We created a rough image that people could use on the XPS 13. Developers could download it and start working on it. We told people there were a  lot of caveats, and it wasn’t an official release nor supported. But the key thing here is while you couldn’t do this with consumers, with developers — who knew it was a beta– then you’re okay. And, we had most of the bugs worked out. The biggest one was the touchpad, which somebody described as ‘craptastic””

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So, Dell got together with Canonical, Ubuntu Linux’s parent company, to make sure all the drivers were in place for a top-notch Ubuntu Linux developer desktop experience. Indeed, the name ‘Project Sputnik’ is a nod to Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder and Canonical CEO. A decade before the project itself, Shuttleworth had spent eight days orbiting the Earth in a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft. George and the crew decided “Soyuz”  didn’t have an inspiring ring to it, so the company went with “Sputnik” instead.

George continued:

 “We revealed a beta program for the maker with a 10% off deal. We assumed, well, we’ll possibly obtain 300 individuals. Instead, we obtained 6,000. This is where elderly monitoring stated OK, you have actually obtained something actual. We went from slides to introduce in 9 months. That’s rather quick for constructing a system.”

Now, more than a decade later, the Dell XPS 13 line and various other other Ubuntu-Linux-powered systems are much more prominent than ever before. From a skunkworks task, George and firm developed a Linux equipment essential for both designers and power individuals.


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