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How did your club fare at the AFL draft? Every pick for every team analysed

The AFL draft has actually been finished, with all 18 clubs including in their checklists with gamers they really hope will certainly be celebrities of the future.

Here’s that your club chosen and what it indicates for your team.


Daniel Curtin (pick 8), Charlie Edwards (pick 21), Oscar Ryan (pick 27)

The Crows did some night-one wheeling and dealing to safeguard West Australian protector Dan Curtin, and will certainly think he is their long-lasting centre-half-back. Best instance circumstance, he relocates right into midfield and comes to be a Jordan Dawson duplicate.

They rounded the draft off with glossy midfielder Charlie Edwards prior to taking a punting on quick back-flanker Oscar Ryan. Edwards is an intelligent choice, and Ryan is a danger the club remains in a setting to take.

The Crows made a relocation to make certain they might seize up Dan Curtin.(Getty Images: Daniel Pockett)


Logan Morris (pick 31), Luke Lloyd (pick 42), Zane Zakostelsky (pick 51), Reece Torrent (pick 64) 

The Lions grabbed 2 comparable mid-sized forwards in  Morris and Lloyd, gamers that will certainly more probable fill the Jack Gunston gap than take on Joe Daniher and Eric Hipwood.

Zakostelsky is an intelligent choice as a Harris Andrews understudy, while midfielder Torrent was a beneficial wager with the last pick in the draft.





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