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‘Hamilton’ Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Wants a Taxpayer-Funded $2.5 Billion Bailout for the Woke and Failing Theater Industry | The Gateway Pundit

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of ‘Hamilton,’ desires taxpayers to bail out the struggling theater trade with a money infusion of $2.5 billion {dollars}.

One of the causes theater firms are struggling is due to closures throughout the pandemic, however the major motive is the trade’s embrace of wokeness over the previous couple of years. The theater trade has at all times been liberal, however they’ve now utterly embraced the radical left, alienating lots of the individuals who may need supported them in the previous.

Does Miranda not keep in mind singling Mike Pence out at the finish of a efficiency of Hamilton proper after the 2016 election? Now he expects conservative taxpayers to bail out his failing trade? Really?

Breitbart News stories:

‘Hamilton’s’ Lin-Manuel Miranda Wants $2.5 Billion Taxpayer Bailout for Failing Theaters

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda met with members of Congress Thursday to push for a taxpayer-funded bailout for failing theater firms throughout the nation. The actor helped introduce a new invoice that may earmark $500 million yearly for 5 years, or $2.5 billion, to non-profit phases.

Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) participated in the gathering that additionally included actress Phylicia Rashad and the heads of a number of theater establishments.

The briefing was organized by a group known as the Professional Non-Profit Theater Coalition, which was based by former Oregon Shakespeare Festival creative director Nataki Garrett. During her troubled tenure, Garrett’s dedication to far-left political activism alienated quite a few donors and trustworthy ticket consumers, hastening the competition’s near-death monetary disaster.

Now, she and others are pushing for taxpayer cash to rescue theater firms dealing with comparable predicaments…

The proposed laws — titled the Supporting Theater and Generating Economy Activity (STAGE) Act — blames the coronavirus pandemic for the lots of the hardships that firms are dealing with.

Has Miranda forgotten the play in New York City that used Shakespeare to stage an assassination of Trump? Trump supporters haven’t forgotten it.

If theater firms want to make more cash, maybe they need to strive not hating half of the nation and producing work that folks wish to see.





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