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BBC F1 presenter Jennie Gow, 45, reveals she has developed dyslexia after suffering a stroke brought on by a cough – as she returns to work 8 months on from the terrifying health scare

BBC Formula One presenter Jennie Gow has exposed she is still suffering the after-results of a stroke that was brought on by a unpleasant cough in 2014.

The mom-of-one, 46, momentarily shed the capability to talk after suffering the damaging stroke in December 2022, which was brought on by a cough from a viral infection. 

As she returns to work presenting the Dutch Grand Prix this weekend break, Jennie, from Berkshire, has exposed she’s developed dyslexia from the clinical episode, to name a few adverse effects.

In a meeting with The Times, she likewise exposed she is no more able to react to the experience of warm in her right-hand man, which suggests she is at risk to burns, and also has likewise shed all experience in her tongue. 

Although she’s delighted to be back to work, Jennie confessed her self-confidence has taken a impact, and also she concerns if she can manage her normal 12-hr timetable, despite the aid of her partner, Jamie Coley, that has been offered the week off work to help her at the occasion.

BBC Formula One presenter, Jennie Gow, has returned to work at the Dutch Grand Prix this weekend break after suffering from a stroke 

Jamie has formerly opened regarding the heart-quiting minute he located Jennie on the flooring as she endured a stroke, soon prior to Christmas in 2014.

Recalling it as ‘the worst minute of my life’, he stated he listened to a loud sound downstairs prior to becoming aware Jennie had actually fallen down, as their 6-year-old child Isabelle hurried to obtain the phone so her dad might call a rescue.

She was dealt with quickly at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey and also St George’s Hospital in Tooting, London.

For Jennie, the roadway to healing was hard, and also she remembered hing on bed on New Year’s Eve after suffering the possibly deadly stroke, viewing the fireworks from the home window while not able to action or talk. ‘I really felt actually alone’, she stated.

Gow interacted using white boards after she restored experience in the left side of her body.

The presenter assumed her speech growth would possibly take months to recuperate, however after a registered nurse encouraged her to attempt to snap and also yell, Jennie started talking once again. 

She has likewise endured from nerve damages in her right-hand man, definition she is unreceptive to warm, presenting a severe threat of melt, while the ideal side of her face still has a minor droop.

The broadcaster, that likewise on a regular basis showed up on the Netflix collection Drive to Survive, has likewise endured a adjustment in preference. For instance, having actually formerly loved Marmite, she currently dislikes it, and also while she constantly utilized to delight in gewurztraminer, it currently tastes like vinegar to her.

The presenter recalled feeling 'really alone' in the days after the stroke, as she temporarily lost her ability to speak

The presenter remembered sensation ‘actually alone’ in the days after the stroke, as she momentarily shed her capability to talk 

Jennie has also suffered from nerve damage in her right hand, meaning she is unable to respond to heat, which poses a burn risk

Jennie has likewise endured from nerve damages in her right-hand man, definition she is not able to react to warm, which postures a melt threat 

The analyst’s job was taken into uncertainty when she exposed the stroke had actually influenced her interaction abilities and also her speech being ‘most influenced’.

But today, in spite of suffering a loss of self-confidence, the 46-year-old has made a return to the racetrack to record on the Grand Prix in the Netherlands.

Jennie has altered her timetable to enable snoozes, and also her partner, Jamie, is aiding her throughout the journey.

This weekend break marks a favorable adjustment from the very first meeting because the stroke, where the press reporter damaged down as she paid attention to her partner Jamie inform her exactly how discovering her after the stroke was ‘the worst minute’ of his life.

In the movie, Jamie stated: ‘I was attempting to call your name and also obtain you to talk to me and also I was simply obtaining absolutely nothing back from you.’

Jennie's husband described finding her on the bathroom floor of their home as 'the worst moment of my life'

Jennie’s partner defined discovering her on the shower room flooring of their house as ‘the worst minute of my life’

She asked him: ‘Were you really feeling frightened?’, to which he responded: ‘It was the worst minute of my life’ prior to outlining exactly how the pair’s 6-year-old child Isabelle assisted him obtain Gow comfy and also passed her dad his phone to call a rescue.

In the video clip, Gow likewise fulfills Dr Thomas Pain, a professional specialising in strokes at Frimley Park Hospital, that described that a tear in a capillary in her neck – triggered by strenuous coughing – had actually led to a embolisms taking a trip up to her mind, creating a hemorrhage on the left side of it.

The ideal side of her body was influenced by the stroke and also she was moved to a expert system at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, South London, to have the embolism got rid of.

In the relocating video, Jamie reveals he informed her to ‘combat’ to recuperate for him and also Isabelle.

Until the stroke hit, Gow had actually been a long-term component in Formula One insurance coverage because 2012, covering the sporting activity on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Before that, she covered the BBC’s MotoGP insurance coverage after signing up with the transmitting firm in 1999. Gow is likewise a analyst on the auto racing collection Extreme E.


There are 2 significant sort of stroke: 


An ischemic stroke – which represents 80 percent of strokes – takes place when there is a clog in a capillary that avoids blood from getting to component of the mind.


The extra unusual, a hemorrhagic stroke, takes place when a capillary ruptureds, swamping component of the mind with excessive blood while denying various other locations of appropriate blood supply.

It can be the outcome of an AVM, or arteriovenous malformation (an irregular collection of capillary), in the mind.

Thirty percent of subarachnoid hemorrhage victims pass away prior to getting to the healthcare facility. An additional 25 percent pass away within 24-hour. And 40 percent of survivors pass away within a week.


Age, hypertension, smoking cigarettes, weight problems, inactive way of life, diabetic issues, atrial fibrillation, family members background, and also background of a previous stroke or TIA (a mini stroke) are all threat variables for having a stroke.


  • Sudden pins and needles or weak point of the face, arm or leg, specifically on one side of the body
  • Sudden complication, problem talking or comprehending
  • Sudden problem seeing or obscured vision in one or both eyes
  • Sudden problem strolling, lightheadedness, vertigo or sychronisation
  • Sudden extreme frustration without any recognized reason


Of the about 3 out of 4 individuals that make it through a stroke, lots of will certainly live-lengthy specials needs.

This consists of trouble strolling, connecting, consuming, and also finishing daily jobs or duties. 


Both are possibly deadly, and also individuals need surgical procedure or a medication called tPA (cells plasminogen activator) within 3 hrs to conserve them. 




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